The Benefits from the CoronaVirus and Covid 19

Here in California we face yet another week of “self quarantine” or isolation. #MissionViejo ChamberofCommerce events shut down. Tasty RBN luncheons and networking. Oh, how we miss you, our friends and associates!

We have however, been very busy.

Google Ads campaigns had to be completely overhauled to reflect the current conditions. New ads, keywords, demographics…etc. This takes a ton of time, believe me!

Client’s Google My Business listings needed to be updated with updated Hours, Services, Posts, etc.

Link and citation building though an ongoing process, these past few weeks have provided an opportunity to delve more into this cloudy realm.

“The Silver Lining”:

Now, midway through this process (we hope), we reflect upon

  • We’ve been able to uber-optimize client’s online marketing campaigns;
  • We have monitored our government’s plans to help small businesses which (still awaiting formal approval), apply and receive money to retain employees, pay the rent and live to fight another day;
  • We have had time to engage in online webinars to improve our clients rankings and business, today and for when this storm passes;
  • Work on revision after revision of each client’s local online marketing opportunities now and after Covid-19 is in our rearview mirror;
  • Written blog posts in two consecutive days. Woo-Hoo!
  • Updated our social media feeds.

Best of All…

  • We appreciate further how precious each day of life is;
  • We have acquired a sensitivity to other people’s struggles during these times;
  • We are blessed by the people that love us. And am blessed to love them in return;
  • We have become aware of other’s issues, despair and plight. Humbled, though I battle those myself, I stay steadfast to help them first.
  • My desk is a little less cluttered. I’m confident that I’ll have this space in tip-top shape soon!;
  • And more to come…

Want Better Search Rankings on Google? Then E-A-T…Fast!

The target for high rankings in Google search results is always shifting. A few foundational strategies have become ever more so clear in the past year. And these should be what you build your online presence upon in 2020.

Remember to E-A-T

No, don’t break your New Years resolution by loading up on junk food. Instead, focus your website content (and off page also) on:

  • Your Expertise in your field of work;
  • Your Authoritativeness;
  • Your Trustworthiness.

In all your online and offline networking, remember to project yourself as the local expert in your field. Post content on your social media platforms that is relevant to your business and the needs of your target audience.

People do business with those that they know and trust. You can build rapport and establish a relationship with your local market online by offering good advice to topical issues.

And Do It Fast!

Now, that you’ve written an awesome blog post, check out your website for how fast (or slow) it takes your post (and other web pages) to load. People are so impatient now and if they have to wait five seconds, they’re gone. Including Google.

Google wants to deliver a great user experience. And they know how annoyed people get having to wait for slow web pages to load. So it’s no surprise that they put a lot of emphasis on page load times. It IS a ranking factor!

Images/Photos are always typical suspects. Nothing slows down a web page more than a multi-megabyte image file. Images on your website should be a few kilobytes, not megabytes. The lower resolution won’t be noticeable to your site visitors and they’ll appreciate an efficient and fast website experience. And so will Google.

Google makes a great FREE tool that will tell your page load times are and what you can do to speed them up. Just type your domain’s URL in and Google does the rest. It even makes recommendations on how to speed it up.

Social Media & Content Management. Doctor, Heal Thyself!

Blog Posting, Social Media and Email Marketing. We have been SO bad but we’re gonna get better, starting right now!

I’m the worst! I preach to clients about the benefits and importance of consistently posting ideas, articles, promotions, etc. on social media, Emails and blog posts. Do I do it myself? Not much!

I don’t have the time. The same excuse that clients give me. I get frustrated with them. I get angry at myself. After all, I should know better. I am, after all, the local doctor of Internet marketing in Orange County.

What to post on our social media pages? There’s plenty. I spend hours every day reading blogs about changes in local Internet marketing, Google, social media, etc. Some really good stuff which I learn a lot from.

Sharing these articles just takes a few minutes. But I have important client services to attend to. And that’s what keeps the lights on.

Today I read a great article by Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media Studios. In it, he lays out three types of social media posts, the goal of each and even some great tools to make the process as painless (and inexpensive) as possible.

I’ve printed the graphic on the top of this page and nailed it on my office bulletin board. I encourage you to do the same.

This is a new year. A new decade. And I swear, a new me!