Local Service Area Businesses

How do we get ranking outside our immediate community?

Google has always had an issue with “Service Area Businesses” (SABs). Why? Because they cannot categorize the many SABs into it’s neatly structured categories.

Our friend and colleague, Phil Rozek, offers some great insight to optimizing local landing pages.

Yes, there a bunch of steps involved, but if you really want to gain any search visibility for your business outside of your immediate communities, this is a “must read”. A solid strategy that you can start today.

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Social Media & Content Management. Doctor, Heal Thyself!

Blog Posting, Social Media and Email Marketing. We have been SO bad but we’re gonna get better, starting right now!

I’m the worst! I preach to clients about the benefits and importance of consistently posting ideas, articles, promotions, etc. on social media, Emails and blog posts. Do I do it myself? Not much!

I don’t have the time. The same excuse that clients give me. I get frustrated with them. I get angry at myself. After all, I should know better. I am, after all, the local doctor of Internet marketing in Orange County.

What to post on our social media pages? There’s plenty. I spend hours every day reading blogs about changes in local Internet marketing, Google, social media, etc. Some really good stuff which I learn a lot from.

Sharing these articles just takes a few minutes. But I have important client services to attend to. And that’s what keeps the lights on.

Today I read a great article by Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media Studios. In it, he lays out three types of social media posts, the goal of each and even some great tools to make the process as painless (and inexpensive) as possible.

I’ve printed the graphic on the top of this page and nailed it on my office bulletin board. I encourage you to do the same.

This is a new year. A new decade. And I swear, a new me!

The Internet Marketing Frustrations of One Small Business Owner – Sound Familiar?

Scam AlertLast week one of my local search mentors, Mike Blumenthal, posted an experience that the owner of a small custom furniture maker has had with marketing his business on the Internet.  I was reminded of the many conversations I have had with other small businesses that have had, and continue to endure, the over-selling and under performing of various local Internet marketing factories.  You know, the robo calls from “Google” (it isn’t Google) that scare you into thinking that your business is about to disappear from its search engine.  Or the Yelps and Yodles that charge a steep price and then claim completely bogus results.

The small business owner, Marc Reisner of Reisner Construction, has been pretty naive in his digital marketing journey.  Heck, as far as I can tell he doesn’t even have a website instead relying on his Facebook page to establish his local digital footprint, a bad idea.  Then he gets the phone calls from Yodle and Town Square promising a “free” website and high ranking on Google for a large fee.  The results were negligible and he cancelled.

Next, Yelp (The Evil One) calls promising position and phone calls.  They load him up with lots of “calls” at $6+ each only to find that all but one came from “NOT a working number”.  Marc got out of that relationship but at an additional cost of $450.

Most local small businesses I talk to acknowledge that establishing a solid local digital footprint is a process and takes time.  Yet so many continue to fall for the “Get Rich (or rankings) Quick” pitches.  Local search marketing is not so easy anymore, and it continues to get more difficult every day.  So when that unsolicited call comes in promising something that seems too good to be true, it is.

Instead, work with a local search consultant or agency.  Someone you can sit down with, strategize with, look into their eyes and hold them accountable.  Just like you want your customers to deal with you.