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about us

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WHO are (949) Local Internet Marketing

(949) Local Internet Marketing is a collection of web-savvy professionals located here in beautiful Orange County, California.  We are committed to YOUR SUCCESS as our success will flow from it.

Local marketeers, web developers and designers, copywriters, your champions! Bring the collective talents of many to work for you, your business and your dreams!

What we do

(949) Local will enhance your business and your life.  We will make your business more successful resulting in more profitability and less stress in your life, and that of your family’s also.  (949) Local will make you visible to those in your community looking for your services TODAY!

Mission statement

(949) Local is a Christ-centered company. We recognize Jesus Christ as our “Chairman of the Board” and seek His guidance, support, and direction in every aspect of our work. Our work, on our client’s behalf, is done in His name and to His glory. Our hope is that our efforts will enhance the lives of our families and those we have yet to meet YOU!

❝Let our good works be seen to the glory of God.❞  – I Peter 2:12

Our process

How we help you

How we started

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Why choose us

We know the community you live and work in.  We are not a distant voice or an email somewhere far away that doesn’t know (or care), about your business and community.  We know you and your clients, because we are you, we are locals, we are Orange County!  When you need us, we are there for you.  In your officeface to face, to explore your wants, needs and desires for your business and it’s local online visibility.

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