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about us

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WHO are (949) Local Internet Marketing

(949) Local Internet Marketing is a collection of web-savvy professionals located here in beautiful Orange County, California.  We are committed to YOUR SUCCESS as our success will flow from it.

Local marketeers, web developers and designers, copywriters, your champions! Bring the collective talents of many to work for you, your business and your dreams!

What we do

(949) Local will enhance your business and your life.  We will make your business more successful resulting in more profitability and less stress in your life, and that of your family’s also.  (949) Local will make you visible to those in your community looking for your services TODAY!

Mission statement

(949) Local is a Christ-centered company. We recognize Jesus Christ as our “Chairman of the Board” and seek His guidance, support, and direction in every aspect of our work. Our work, on our client’s behalf, is done in His name and to His glory. Our hope is that our efforts will enhance the lives of our families and those we have yet to meet YOU!

❝Let our good works be seen to the glory of God.❞  – I Peter 2:12

Our process

How we help you

How we started

Our founder, Jim Froling, had over 25 years in the computer industry eventually rising to senior executive sales and marketing positions.  Then the Great Recession hit and his company was forced out of business.  Although his Rolodex of contacts within the industry was huge, no one was hiring.


Jim came across an online ad seeking salespeople to sell local search engine optimization services to small businesses.  He felt he had a good handle on how the Internet worked since he had been marketing products on the web since even before the World Wide Web.


He took the job but soon discovered that the company was one of the top local internet scammers in the country.  Disgusted that anyone would scam small businesses at such a delicate time, he promptly resigned.

“How hard can this be?”, Jim wondered.  So he set out to find out.  What he found was it wasn’t that hard.


A friend with a local pool cleaning business had just published a new website and he knew he needed help promoting it.  Jim offered to optimize the website to be “search friendly”.


It was so simple.  Jim claimed his friends business on Google, Bing and Yahoo.  He acquired a dozen listings on Internet directories (called citations), and…Voila!  Within 10 days the business was #1 in the area in search results for nearly all of their most important keywords.  In many super important keywords, he was #1 throughout all of Orange County.


(949) Local Internet Marketing was born!


Local Internet marketing has become a LOT more complicated since then.  Search engines (Google in particular) have greatly expanded their ranking signals.  That has required us to expand our skills and knowledge base.


Over the years we have had to learn on-page optimization, Pay Per Click advertising, online review management, Google Maps spam fighting and more.


It takes a lot of time and effort.  But it delivers results.  Our clients rank high in local search results.  They attract more customers.  They make more money.  And that helps ease their anxiety over continuing in business, putting their kids through college and putting food on the table.


That is a blessing for us! 

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Why choose us

We know the community you live and work in.  We are not a distant voice or an email somewhere far away that doesn’t know (or care), about your business and community.  We know you and your clients, because we are you, we are locals, we are Orange County!  When you need us, we are there for you.  In your officeface to face, to explore your wants, needs and desires for your business and it’s local online visibility.