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Results-driven Marketing

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Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If your business relies on local customers, being found on the first page of local search results is a big deal.  Being found in Google's local "Three Pack" for your main business category can drive dozens of customer visits and phone calls to you each month.  Best of all, it's FREE.

Well, kind of.  "Organic" ranking on the first page of search results is earned.  It takes time, patience and skill.  One seemingly innocent mistake can get your listing on Google suspended and whatever visibility you had is gone.

(949) Local has been helping local businesses optimize their local search  visibility since 2009.  We are experts in Google Business Profile listing optimization, website optimization, citation management and link building.  Partner with (949) Local to organically improve your local search visibility.

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Search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing

Clicks are cute.  Conversions are beautiful!  Conversions being phone calls or form fills from your website.  Provided they are coming from your target market.

Some internet marketing agencies use a "shotgun" approach.  They target anyone with a pulse.  Is that your customer? If it is, we are not your best online marketing partner.

(949) Local's SEM campaigns employ a laser focus on showing your ads to just the demographic group that are most likely to want your products and services.  In just the communities or Zip Codes that they live and work in.

This results in more qualified leads and fewer unqualified "prospects" wasting the time of your sales team.  This results in more sales, and better ROI of your marketing investment.

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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation can make or break a business.  Local SEOs will debate what is and what is not a ranking factor.  If there is one factor that there is no debate on is a business' online reputation.  Reviews are without question a key ranking factor in local search results.

In a recent survey of consumers, 94% say that positive reviews make them more likely to use a business.  And 92% say they are less likely to use a business with negative reviews.  Yes, your online reputation matters.

(949) Local will help you acquire more positive reviews.  Our relationship with Google will help you nurture more reviews. (949) Local will provide both online and offline resources to encourage more reviews from your recent customers.

Yet sometimes negative reviews happen, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  Our system will alert you, and us, to a possible negative review before it goes live on review sites.  Then you, and (949) Local, can be proactive at "heading them off at the pass".  

Still, sometimes negative reviews find their way.  (949) Local will then reply to those reviews, after consulting with you, with a humble apology, a simple explanation and an offer of amends, again after consulting with you.  The bottom line, always remember that in replying to negative reviews, it is not the person that reviewed you that you/we are replying to.  It is the next person that will see the review and our reply.

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Website Design

It has been said that you only get one chance to make a first impression.  For businesses these days, that first impression is their website.  Make sure that the first impression you make is a good one.  And one that not only looks good, but performs for you as well. 

An online presence is essential for nearly every business, irrespective of size and type. Studies show that 97% of consumers research their purchases online before they buy something. Today, you can’t have a real web presence without a website. Even if you have accounts on social media sites, you still need your own high quality website and website traffic that you can convert into customers.

A custom website can do more for your business than any other digital marketing strategy. And these days, it’s all about Digital.  In fact, most digital marketing and traditional marketing initiatives will fail or be less effective if you don’t have a strong Internet presence with your own website and can’t convert website traffic into customers.

Your website contains all of the important information website visitors want to know about your business or organization, including who you are, what products or services you sell, contact information, your blog and other thought leadership, and much more. Stand out from the competition and make your brand look great with your unique web presence and stunning web page design.

(949) Local designs fully responsive websites on a number of platforms, depending on the client’s needs.  From Drupal to WordPress and everything in between, (949) Local will create a fully functional and cost effective website to your exact wants, needs and specifications.

Refresh Videography

Refresh Videography

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is video worth?  A LOT!  People today are more visually oriented than ever.  And, frankly, they’re lazy.  They would rather watch than read.

Video is an extremely valuable marketing tool.  Not only does video help inform and educate about your products and services, it helps build your brand.  Video can establish your Expertise in your field.  It will demonstrate your Authority in your field of work.  That builds Trust.  And people only do business with those they trust.

The videographers at (949) Local can create a video campaign around any budget.  We can then help you publish your video on YouTube and link to your social media profiles.  Call (949) Local today for more information.

Digital marketing media

Internet Marketing Consulting

What we do is not rocket science.  Anyone can do it.  It just takes time, patience and (here’s the kicker), expertise to do it right.  If you have the time and patience, we are glad to share our expertise to help you.

We will walk you through the entire process, step by step, for getting your business, your website and your online profiles to appear at the top of local SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages, lesson #1).  These steps are precisely the same as we undertake for all of our retainer based clients.

We will:

  • Help you optimize your website with the most crucial elements;
  • Help you optimize your Google Business Profile, Facebook, LinkedIn profiles;
  • Help you earn the “citations” necessary to spread your influence across the “web-sphere”;
  • Help you gather appropriate links from other websites that can boost your website’s credibility (and ranking);
  • Help you get positive reviews from your customers (and deal with the “not so happy” ones);
  • Help you create your “Following” in social media;
  • and more!

Our consulting fees are very reasonable and are divided by the quarter-hour.  So, if you have a question or idea and want to run it by us with a quick phone call, you only pay for just the portion of our time that you take.  And every call and every meeting is with experienced experts in their respective field.  In short, a local online marketing team of experts at your beckon call.